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A yearly cleaning is recommended to help your appliance work efficiently. Dryers should be cleaned out to prevent lint fires from occurring. The condenser coil on refrigerators should be cleaned yearly to help the refrigerator cool efficiently.

Refrigerators make normal operational noises such as the fans and compressor running. If the noise is loud, it can be a fan going bad or ice buildup on the evaporator hitting the fan blade.

The water filter should be replaced once a year or once the refrigerator indicates the water filter to be replaced. It’s recommended to flush out 1 gallon of water after installing the new water filter.

Water typically pools at the bottom of the fridge or freezer due to a clogged drain tube or a cracked water line or water valve.

The oven may have a broken or worn-out igniter. If the oven is electric it can be a bad heating element.

The common issue is a dirty or clogged orifice on the burner. It can also be a cracked spark igniter.

The bake or broil igniter is worn out and causing a delay ignition. Recommend calling for service.

Check the light switch above the counter and under the sink to make sure it’s in the ON position. Also, check the circuit breaker to make sure it’s in the ON position.

The problem can be a clogged drain pump filter or a bad drain pump.

It can be a bad door seal, a leaky water valve, a leaky water line or a cracked drain hose.

Most disposals come with a reset button at the bottom of the disposal and a disposal tool to loosen anything stuck inside of it.

Yes, we can install it for you.

The dryer might have a clogged lint screen or a clogged vent line which is really common. A clogged vent line causes an air flow restriction and prevent the dryer from drying properly.

Depending on the model of the dryer it can be a bad belt, worn-out rollers, idler pulley or a bad drum bearing.

The buzzing noise can be caused from a jammed blower wheel sometimes an article of clothing falls into the lint screen housing and gets stuck in the blower wheel. It can also be a bad motor.

Depending on the brand of the washer it can be a broken lid switch, lid lock a clogged/broken drain pump or a broken belt.

Yes, the door gasket also known as a bellow or door boot can be replaced.

Make sure the water valve going to the washer is on. It can also be a bad water valve, pressure switch or lid switch.

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